The Laurel Collective || paige ulmer

I traded my Nashville city roots for the unknown Blue Ridge Mountains with my husband, Clint over 5 years ago and it's as if we've finally found who we were meant to be all along. I could say that our reality is a dream come true but honestly, this is way better! We get to dabble in buying + selling real estate, home renovations, welcoming Airbnb-ers to Boone, and of course, design. It is such a gift to walk with people during the most exciting moments - wedding day to buying a home! We've created our safe haven in Boone, North Carolina and love exploring places across the globe!


I am a highly sensitive introvert and I quickly learned that our surroundings play a huge role in how we feel and can easily be altered through design. I created The Laurel Collective to help achieve this goal in making people feel seen and cared for in any space they find themselves in - an event, wedding, or even their own home. Our design services include consultations, implementations, as well as full-service design + planning.


NAME // The name came from a few different places... An old wives tale believed that the leaves of laurel inspired creativity and were placed under pillows at night. Laurel is believed to bring awareness, prosperity, victory, a sign of resurrection.  It is a native plant of the Appalachian region so I would say all signs led me here.